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As some of you guy's may already know, Dave and Shannon have retired from RCPowers. Greg and i could not see RCPowers disappear, so we decided we would continue to keep RCPowers alive and continue ourselves to run the website/forum. Scott Lott will be running the technical side of things and taking the home of RCPowers to a bright new future!!

Please take the time to go visit RCPowers HERE and take a look around, we have just started to bring back the old pdf's that have long been discontinued!!

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  • To provide excellent customer service 
  • To develop exciting, fun planes
  • To create scale looking planes
  • ​To give a true alternative to expensive arf planes

Advanced Scale Parkjet Plans

Quick & Easy Profile Plans

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RCPowers !!

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  • Are easy to build
  • Use score and fold design 
  • Have a short build time
  • Use common 6mm foam