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***See our Alpha Jet MK2 Build Thread On RCPowers***

Stronger. Easier to Build. More Stable. More Hover... 
More of everything that made the Alpha Jet MK1 so good!

We spent months working on the Alpha Jet MK2 and we are 
extremely happy with the results! 
We took every aspect of the Alpha Jet and optimized it: 
Quicker and stronger build, Smoother loops, more stable high alpha,
 hands off inverted flying- all improvements to the original. 
Oh, and hover- The Alpha Jet MK2 really wants to hover!
Whether you choose to activate rudders or not, you will be amazed 
by how eager it is to hover. 2s or 3s Power, the 
Alpha Jet MK2 Accomodates a 7 inch prop!
Due to its unique design, orientation at night is
excellent, so we say... add LED's and extend your flying day!
We have also included spray paint templates
to the download to make it easier to customize your Alpha Jet! 
Just cut them out, spray tac them on, and spray on the paint.

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