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RCPowers V5 Plans

RCP SU 34 v5

RCP F16 v5

RCP F22 v5

RCP SU 35 v5

RCP T50 v5

RCP F15 v5

RCP F35 v5

Dave's V5's are the last series he and Shannon released. Easy to build but WOW- really great fliers! The SU 34 is an excellent beginner plane and the Eurofighter is a nice light weight aerobatic plane. The F15?  It does

everything!  Check out those "under rudders" on the F22 while you're at it. 

The V5's are $12 each- Just click on the image to buy!



RCP F18 v5

Remember to keep your downloads in a safe place on your computer!

RCP Eurofighter v5

RCP SU 27 v5

MIG 29 v5